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We help the client based on where they are right now and take them to where they want to go. We use our superb strategic planning, financing strategies, tax knowledge, and basic passion for growth to push every client to their most full potential.

Vision to Plan
Taking an idea, a dream or a vision and turning it into a plan that will earn revenue and profits takes a plan. Not just any plan, but a strategic one that takes into consideration realistic pro’s and con’s of the current market. Being realistic and accessing all of your company’s strength’s and weaknesses will be for a more secure endeaver.

Plan to Market
Once you have a plan you now have to test not only the market for its possible successes, we must access the business’s operational and finance position to with stand the upcoming growth and it’s required time needed to grow in the market

Market to Growth
Now that your service and product is in full execution, does your organization have the capibilty of growing, expanding or reaching that next plato? Can you and your business financially withstand the growth you have created?


Services in a Box

Quality Collaboration and structured strategy to bring your ideas to life


Vision to Plan

At this stage we build your strategic road map for an efficient path for creating a plan through our Business Advisory Service. First, we access where you are right now both personally and professionally. Then we evaluate what can be accomplished realistically based on the perimeters we have now and what we will have to create to get you were you want to go; this is how the Business Plan is completed.



Plan to Market

At this stage is where we begin identifying, building and testing the market for your product or service. We help you identify the right Branding, Marketing and Sales tools needed for your industry and budget.



Market to Growth

At this stage, we will be helping you to evaluate what is required for you to take your service to the next level. How do you want to grow or expand? How much is it going to cost? How much money do you need and what position does your business need to be to get access funding you need to reach that goal?



Growth to Vision

We believe that everything you do starts and ends with the vision that you first started. We also help you decide what is the next step. Every business whether you are a start up or been operational for years, in order to grow we must continue to evaluate you and your business to make certain that your business is on ready for ROUND TWO or ROUND 1,000. We help you at every stage of you Financial Business Development.


Awesome Services

Strategic Business Plan
We are startup business niche creators. We specialize in restaurants, service provides, manufacturing and nonprofits. We are fully capable of assisting most businesses. We do understand many challenges and complexities arise at any time, Guy Beyond is here to provide actionable solutions.

Business Modeling, Bookkeeping and Accountability
Guy Beyond assist our clients develop a clear and concise business model that addresses customer needs and communicates a compelling value proposition. We also help you set up your administrative and back office structure so you are ready at ribbon cutting. We are also here afterwards to help you stay on track.

Financial Planning
We help clients make clear the vision and strategy with numbers. Solid financial models are created to serve as a roadmap for greater insight. Financial planning addresses long term goals of the organization. Financial Planning also includes preparing business financing and credit.

Investor Ready Presentation
Every investment opportunity requires an executive summary, pitch deck, and business plan. What may be overwhelming to founders, is the vision of this organization.

Tax Planning
We work smart and in conjunction with leaders in your industry develop and implement a marketing plan that will achieve sustainable results. Using a marketing strategy that is most effect to reach your clients is our main focus.

Operations Management
We help our clients with internal process development and implementation that include small business operational risk management. Guy Beyond provides support to get you to the next level and BEYOND.

Synergize resources

We believe in the village of alliance. This means when we access your needs we take into consideration all the moving parts that are required to make it work for you. Even if it is a service we do not provide. We have many partner’s that specialize in specific industries that would best suit your needs. Synergy in all aspects are required in our business and yours.