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About Me

TaShawana (Shawana) Guy comes from an a multifaceted background in the world of accounting andfinancial services. She started her career with four years in the United States Marine Corps where she developed her commitment to service. Shawana began her accounting career at The Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Washington, DC where she spent over five years serving accounting and customer service needs for the hotel and tourism industry.

After marrying an active duty Marine, she moved to Birmingham, AL where she spent five years handling accounting and auditing services for the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). While working with (UAB) Shawana completed her Bachelors of Accounting and Graduate studies from Keller Graduate School.

Late in 2008, Shawana decided to take the spirit of commitment and service back to home town of Houston, TX. Not only did she bring that home, she brought it home in a big way. She offered her financial and business services to small local manufacturing businesses and restaurant owners in the area. She discovered that being successful throughout changes in the economic landscape requires commitment and courage for small business owners and she had a desire to help them.That desire spawned into non-profit community development, community business program sponsorships and business consultations and coaching. Her motto is this” There is no Opportunity without Responsibility to another”